Handmade Soaps and Fragrances from Horsefeathers Farm

Scented Powders

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My scented powders are all talc-free.  You will find only cornstarch, soda, and fragrance in these. The powders can be used between the sheets to freshen the bed as well as on your skin.

Lavender Powder
Lavender Scented Powder
Lavender-scented powder to sprinkle in your bed - cooling on a hot summer night - or to dust on your skin.  The fragrance is the same as in the lavender soap, body mist, linen and room sprays.  Surround yourself with lavender!
2.5 OZ Shaker $6.95
Lemon Verbena Powder
Lemon Verbena Scented Powder
A refreshing powder with its soft lemon scent.  A green note to it keeps it from being overpowering.  Rather like lemonade from the garden.
2.5 OZ Shaker $6.95
Rose Geranium Powder
Rose Geranium Scented Powder
This powder has the rosy green fragrance found in the leaves of the rose geranium.  A comforting fragrance from the herb garden.
2.5 OZ Shaker $6.95
Sandlewood Patchouli Powder
Sandlewood and Patchouli Powder
Here is a powder that even the men like.  For women or men, this fragrance combination is very popular.  It is a nice woodsy scent that goes with the Sandalwood and Patchouli soap and body mist.
2.5 OZ Shaker $6.95
Sweet Grass Cedar Powder
Sweetgrass and Cedar Powder
The out-doorsy aroma of wind across the sweetgrass with a hint of cedar smoke in the air.  Very silky on the skin. I also offer soap and body mist scented with this same fragrance.
2.5 OZ Shaker $6.95
Violet Ppowder
Violet Powder
This is the same violet found in the soap and mist, sweet and feminine.  So old-fashioned but very desireable - violet is my best seller. I also offer a soap and body mist using this same fragrance.
2.5 OZ Shaker $6.95
Red Rose Powder
White Rose Scented Powder
Roses, roses, roses!  Smooth this lovely scent over your skin or sprinkle it between your bedsheets to sleep in "a bed of roses!".
2.5 OZ Shaker $6.95