Handmade Soaps and Fragrances from Horsefeathers Farm

Body Mists

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These body mists are made of perfumer's base, vegetable glycerine, and fragrance.  Glycerine is a natural skin moisturizer that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.  Do not drink the body mists and avoid using near the eyes and open flame.  Use the mists after a shower, as a perfume, just about any way you wish!  The fragrance will linger for a very long time.

Lavender Body Mist
Lavender is known the world over and quickly recognized by its clean, fresh scent.  In some countries it worn by both women and men. I also offer soap, powder and room spray scented with this same fragrance.
4 OZ Spray $7.50

Lemon Verbena Body Mist
Lemon verbena is often found growing in the herb gardens of the South.  The fragrance is from the shiny leaves of the plant.  It is soft and lemony and smells like sunshine on the garden.
4 OZ Spray $7.50
Rose Geranium Body Mist
The fragrance from scented geraniums comes from the leaves.  Rose scented geraniums are very popular among gardeners.  The fragrance is rosy with green notes that is natural to the plant.
4 OZ Spray $7.50
Sandalwood and Patchouli Body Mist
Men, especially, are drawn to this scent even though it is suitable for both women and men.  The deeper tones of patchouli added to the sandalwood makes this combination earthy.  It is very popular with customers. I also offer soap, powder and room spray scented with this same fragrance.
4 OZ Spray $7.50
Sweetgrass and Cedar Body Mist
This fragrance has both sweet and smoky quailities to it.  Very out-doorsy, masculine or feminine, native American scents from plants used for spiritual cleansing and protection. I also offer soap scented with this same fragrance.
4 OZ Spray $7.50
Violet Body Mist
Very definately feminine, violet is unusually hard to find in products.  It is a very old-fashioned scent that has been over-shadowed by newer perfumes.  This spray is pure sweet violet and nothing else. I also offer a soap and powder in this same fragrance.
4 OZ Spray $7.50
White Rose Body Mist
The fragrance of fresh cut roses.  You'll smell like roses from head to toe!
4 OZ Spray $7.50