Handmade Soaps and Fragrances from Horsefeathers Farm

Big Batches

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The items on this page are sold in whole batch lots. You can buy them for your own use, to share with friends or to resell at craft shows, flea markets or whatever suits your fancy. The loaves measure approximately 2" x 3.5" x 11" for ease in shipping. They are approximately 3 pounds in weight. Please allow an extra day or two, as these batches will be made especially for you.

Soap Loaf

3 Pound Soap Loaf
These are available three different ways - uncut, cut into 1" thick bars, and cut, bagged and labeled with the Horsefeathers Farm labels. You can order any of the fragrances listed or select an unscented loaf. If you are wanting colored soap, please send an email to us so we can discuss it.
Uncut $27.00 each
Cut $28.50 each
Cut, Bagged & Labelled $29.00 each